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    Preliminary examination of the low-frequency ambient noise field in the South China Sea during the 2001 ASIAEX experiment
    (IEEE, 2004-10) Wei, Ruey-Chang ; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Newhall, Arthur E. ; Lynch, James F. ; Duda, Timothy F. ; Liu, Chih-Sheng ; Lin, Po-Chang
    This correspondence presents a preliminary examination of the low frequency ambient noise field measured in the South China Sea component of the Asian Seas International Acoustics Experiment (ASIAEX), concentrating on the frequencies of 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1200 Hz. A two-week-long time series of the noise at these frequencies is examined for structure in both the time and frequency domains. Three features of particular interest in these series are: 1) the noise due to a typhoon, which passed near the experimental site, 2) the weak tidal frequency variability of the noise field, which is probably due to internal tide induced variability in the propagation conditions, and 3) the vertical angle dependence of the noise, particularly as regards the shallow water "noise notch" phenomenon. The acoustic frequency dependence and the vertical dependence of the noise field are also examined over the course of the time series. A simple look at the noise variability statistics is presented. Finally, directions for further analysis are discussed.