Knorr (Ship : 1970-) Cruise KN43

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  • Technical Report
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Helium Isotope Laboratory data release no. 1
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1979-07) Jenkins, William J. ; Collentro, William V. ; Boudreau, Richard D.
    This report summarizes technique, estimated precisions and results for 3H and 3He analyses made on three cruises in the Sargasso Sea. In addition, a statistical treatment is made on 36 surface (≤10m) 3He/4He analyses to obtain an estimate of the solubility isotope effect and its temperature dependence to be ( α - 1) X 1000 °/oo = -(17.3 ~ 0.8) +(0.28 ~ 0.06) T (°C) with a regression scatter of 2.6 °/oo and a linear correlation coefficient of 0.640.