Atlantis II (Ship : 1963-) Cruise AII93

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  • Technical Report
    Report A, chemical oceanographic data from the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1978-05) Brewer, Peter G. ; Fleer, Alan P. ; Kadar, Susan ; Smith, Clarence L.
    During February and March of 1977 a major geochemical, biological and geophysical survey of the Persian Gulf and adjacent waters was carried out on R/V ATLANTIS II, Cruise 93, Legs 17 and 18. It is the purpose of this report to present the chemical oceanographic data obtained, together with a documentation of the analytical techniques and a simple discussion of the major features observed. Of the 54 hydrographic stations (ATLANTIS II, Stations 2357-2410) occupied during Leg 17, 45 may be said to be in the Persian Gulf proper, the remainder being in the Gulf of Oman and the northwestern Arabian Sea.