Leuckart Wall Charts

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Rudolf Leuckart's Wandtafeln (wall charts), produced from 1877 to 1892, were used worldwide as teaching aids. Fol. I consists of 101 charts and Fol. II consists of 13 charts. These remarkable charts, now stored in a specially constructed cabinet in a controlled environment, have been repaired, tabulated, photographed, and digitized so that they can continue to be a unique teaching aid in the study of zoology. The representations available here were scanned from slides. Each image was imported in Adobe Photoshop and sharpened. Contrast and color balances were adjusted and the image saved. Four file sizes are available.

The MBL Archives received a substantial gift of Leuckart Wall Charts in the early 1990s from Dr. Louis Herlands, a 1977 MBL Physiology course alum and veteran of the MBL summer community. Dr. Herlands' gift in honor of his parents Nathaniel William Herlands and Barbara Herlands consisted of 105 charts.

Five Series II Leuckart Wall Charts were graciously donated by the Department of Zoology, Ohio Wesleyan University in 2009. These charts completed the MBL Archives' collection, allowing for free on-line access to the entire body of work.


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