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  • GRIPseq data for S. Purpuratus 24 hpf 

    Tulin, Sarah; Barsi, Julius; Bocconcelli, Carlo; Smith, Joel (2015-01-19)
    This dataset is the result of a new method for identifying putative cis-regulatory elements genome wide, termed GRIPseq for Genome-wide Regulatory element Immunoprecipitation. Our protocol combines elements of chromatin ...
  • Nematostella vectensis BAC sequences 

    Fischer, Antje H. L.; Tulin, Sarah; Fredman, David; Smith, Joel (2013-07-11)
    A key tool for investigating the regulation of genes is represented by Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes-reporter constructs (BAC). BACs are large insert libraries, often >>100 kb, which thus capture the genomic sequences ...
  • Nematostella High-density RNAseq time-course 

    Fischer, Antje H. L.; Smith, Joel (2013-06-14)
    RNA-Seq was performed on Nematostella embryos at 20 timepoints: unfertilized eggs, 1hour post fertilization (hpf), 2hpf, 3hpf, 4hpf, 5hpf, 6hpf, 7hpf, 8hpf, 9hpf, 10hpf, 11hpf, 12hpf, 13hpf, 14hpf, 15hpf, 16hpf, 17hpf, ...
  • Nematostella Embryonic Transcriptome 

    Tulin, Sarah; Aguiar, Derek; Istrail, Sorin; Smith, Joel (2012-12-12)
    RNA-Seq was performed on Nematostella Embryos at 5 timepoints during early development: 0hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs, 18hrs, 24hrs after fertilization. Embryos were harvested, lysed and mRNAs were selected using Dynabeads. Directional ...

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