Embryology Summer Course Photograph 1981

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Faculty and students in the 1981 Embryology course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA
One multi-image tiff file comprised of six images and six jpeg images.
EMBRYOLOGYSUMMER_1981-1.jpeg: Black and white group photo of the Embryology course in 1981. Thirtyeight people.
EMBRYOLOGYSUMMER_1981-3.jpeg: Washed out copy of photo woth number drawn over faces and "Embryology Summer 1981".
EMBRYOLOGYSUMMER_1981-5.jpeg: Handwritten list of people. "Embryology Course- Summer, 1981-MBL WoodsHole, Mass." and a list "1. Dana McKinley, 2. Louis Sowers, 3. Richard Showman, 4. Michael Danilchik, 5. Pierre Guerrier, 6. William Klein, 7. Bruce Brandhorst, 8. Vicky Murtif, 9. David O'Brochta, 10. Elizabeth Brown, 11. Robert Edgar, 12. Willima Jeffery, 13. Lisa Spain, 14. Rudolf Raff, 15. Rodrigo Neto, 16. Thomas Goralski, 17. Ana Oliveira, 18. Beth Sherman, 19. Lisa Kole, 20. James Ferguson, 21. Judith Henderson, 22. Gary Skuse, 23. Danuta Krotoski, 24. Joanna Groden, 25. Faith Barnett, 26. Roberto Nicosia, 27. Michael Rusbash, 28. David Adelson, 29. Katherine Keenan, 30. Hilder Colot, 31. Paula Hoefen, 32. Dan Wells, 33. Angela Tyner, 34. Peter Lin, 35. Frank tufaro, 36. Gordon Baltuch, 37. Richard Shepard, 38. Linda Hyman".
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