Key to photo of the Neural Systems & Behavior course in 1989.

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NEURALSYSTEMSANDBEHAVIOR_1989-1.jpeg: Key to photo of the Neural Systems & Behavior 1989 course written on letterhead that says "Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Massachusetts 02543 15081 548-3705". "Neural Systems & Behavior 1989 Class Photo: Front row (from left to right): Martha Tobias, Tom Carew, Naomi Nagaya, Ker. Halsema, Viviana Berthoud, Richard Fay, Robin Cloves, Susan Swithers, Linda Goldstein, Robert Waldeck. 2nd Row: Ed Rubel, Dennis Gorlick, Jack Byrne, Davod Tomaskin, Kent Fitzgerald, Cathy Killian, Debbie Wood, Brian Edmonds, Phillip Stoddard. 3rd Rowth (Staggared): william Wright, Antonia Stephen, john Koester, David Capco, Lew Cleary, Tom Fischer, Jochiu Schmidt, Joe Pieroni, Sally Haskios, Michael Nittibach, Adriana Alcautra, Aaron joseph, Emily Marcos, Jim Anjstadt, Ron Calabrese, Phillip Stoddard, Robert Lee."
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