Draft genome sequence of marine alphaproteobacterial strain HIMB11, the first cultivated representative of a unique lineage within the Roseobacter clade possessing an unusually small genome

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Durham, Bryndan P.
Grote, Jana
Whittaker, Kerry A.
Bender, Sara J.
Luo, Haiwei
Grim, Sharon L.
Brown, Julia M.
Casey, John F.
Dron, Antony
Florez-Leiva, Lennis
Krupke, Andreas
Luria, Catherine M.
Mine, Aric
Nigro, Olivia D.
Pather, Santhiska
Talarmin, Agathe
Wear, Emma K.
Weber, Thomas S.
Wilson, Jesse M.
Church, Matthew J.
DeLong, Edward F.
Karl, David M.
Steward, Grieg F.
Eppley, John
Kyrpides, Nikos C.
Schuster, Stephan
Rappe, Michael S.
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Marine bacterioplankton
Aerobic anoxygenic phototroph
Strain HIMB11 is a planktonic marine bacterium isolated from coastal seawater in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii belonging to the ubiquitous and versatile Roseobacter clade of the alphaproteobacterial family Rhodobacteraceae. Here we describe the preliminary characteristics of strain HIMB11, including annotation of the draft genome sequence and comparative genomic analysis with other members of the Roseobacter lineage. The 3,098,747 bp draft genome is arranged in 34 contigs and contains 3,183 protein-coding genes and 54 RNA genes. Phylogenomic and 16S rRNA gene analyses indicate that HIMB11 represents a unique sublineage within the Roseobacter clade. Comparison with other publicly available genome sequences from members of the Roseobacter lineage reveals that strain HIMB11 has the genomic potential to utilize a wide variety of energy sources (e.g. organic matter, reduced inorganic sulfur, light, carbon monoxide), while possessing a reduced number of substrate transporters.
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Standards in Genomic Sciences 9 (2014): 632-645
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