CTD data from coring cruise R/V Oceanus OC424-1 on the continental margin of the South Atlantic Bight and the Bahamas

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These CTD data were collected during a twelve-day cruise in May 2006 on the R/V Oceanus (OC-424-1; Woods Hole, MA – Charleston, SC). The principal goal of the cruise was to collect foraminiferal “livestock” for multiple-carbonate-chemistry culturing experiments. The main purpose of the CTD casts was to collect bottom water, which was used for shipboard sieving of the sediment samples. We also sampled bottom water for comparison with the shell chemistry of benthic foraminiferal field specimens. This included samples for oxygen, Dissolved Inorganic Carbon and Alkalinity to define bottom water carbonate chemistry and calcite saturation state, the d13C of DIC, and the d18O of water; the University of South Carolina group sampled for minor and trace elements, too. The CTD data archived here were not processed or subjected to any quality control evaluation.
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