Comparative Pathology Course Photograph 1982

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Faculty and students in the 1982 Comparative Pathology of Marine Invertebrates course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA
One multi-image tiff file comprised of four images and four jpeg images.
COMPPATHINVERT_1982-1.jpeg: Black and white group photo of the Comparative Pathology course in 1982. Twenty-two people posing, some people holding organisms.
COMPPATHINVERT_1982-2.jpeg: Back of group photo is a list of names "Robert Williams, Nidemi Sakamoto, Erick Hergan, Alan Scott, John Doll, Anne Charles, Leslie Leonard K.A., Mollie Hendrick, Linda Anderson, JoAnn Buchanan, Carol Reinisch, Austin Farley, Robert Prendeignst, Kathryn Goddard, Jock Leum, Roxanne Holderbaum, Denola Brown, Elizabeth McCain, Betty Bang, Rebecca Morrison, Brittney Johnson, Gnana Marie" In the bottom left hand corner is written "Comp Path Invert 1982"
COMPPATHINVERT_1982-3.jpeg: Back of the hand written list is a typed student roster. The following is typed: "Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole- Massachusetts-025430*617)548-3705, Comparative Pathology of Marine Invertebrates, Janurary 1982, Student Roster, Linda Anderson Seattle Pacific University, Cecilia Baticados Southeast Sian Fisheries Developement Center, Philippines, Denola Brown Texas Southern University, JoAnn Buchanan Northeastern University, John Doll Smoth Kline and French, Kathryn Goddard Boston University, Mattie Hendrick Tufts University School, Roxanna Holderbaum Falmouth, Massachusetts ,Erich Horgan Marine Biological Laboratory, Betty Johnson Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, Gnana Mani State University of New York at Buffalo, Elizabeth McCain New College of University of South Florida, Rebecca Morrison State University of New York at Binghamton, Hidemi Sakamoto Tufts University, Alan Scott Johns Hopkins University, Robert Williams Middleburg, Virginia"
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