Bibliometrics as a Tool for Environmental Management at the University of Havana

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Lopez, Yuriem Lezcano
Lahera, Yohannis Marti
Campos, Marta Rosa Munoz
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environmental networks
University of Havana
environmental sciences
Within the framework of the University of Havana Environment Network (Red MA-UH), much environmental research is carried out, but most of it is never implemented or applied due to poor visibility and a lack of efficient strategic alliances. Today, the results of much of this research become either grey literature or Cuban publications with poor visibility, and therefore they can’t be used for solving environmental problems affecting society. Nevertheless, this research could be used to help solve socio-environmental problems if decision-makers and international organizations were made aware of the results and provided funding to put them into practice. Research results are increasingly being disseminated on an international scale, so their visibility can be enhanced and funding and scientific collaboration can be gotten more easily, allowing the University of Havana Environment Network’s research to have the desired social effects. The present work is aimed at examining high-impact publications included in the Scimago Journal & Country Rank (SJCR) portal, specifically in the field of environmental sciences. Metrical indicators were used to show the University of Havana Environment Network how to make its research results more visible by identifying international high-impact publications in the environmental sciences, to enhance the visibility of research carried out at the University of Havana, which contributes, in turn, to implementation in environmental management, rational use and equitable distribution of resources, and the promotion of local development by means of environmental management strategies, guaranteeing a harmonious relationship between society and nature
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