Key to class photo of the Ecology course in January 1979.

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One tiff file and one jpeg image.
ECOLOGYCOURSE_JAN1979.jpeg: Typed roster for the ecology course in January 1979. "Ecology Course January 1979" and "Akroyd, Robert E. C, College of Santa Fe; Apthorp, Lucy Mount Holyoke College; Brown, Betsy University of Delaware; Cooper, Jay Washington College; Coughlin, John, Assumption College; Deegan, Linda, University of New Hampshire; Emberton, Kenneth, Ohio University; Franklin, Wendy Cape Cod Planning & Economic Development Commission; George, Alice, Oberlin College; Goldowitz, Beth, University of California-Davis; Haire, Paul, Brown University; Kane, Ann, Rutgers University; Lull, Wendy University of New Hampshire; Manning, John Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Martyn, Kathleen, University of Wisconsin Green Bay; Moir, Ronald, Antioch, New England; Saltmarsh, John, University of Massachusett; Shuttleworth, Jane, Hampshire College; Stanton, Susan Hampshire College; Sudol-Joy, James University of Wisconsin, Green Bay; Symmes, Frederick, Hampshire College; Zimmerman, Karen Colorado State University" additionally there is a handwritten note "Please identify the folks in the picture for the record...names can be written on one of the prints, or a simple diagram with names would be O.K. Thanks.
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