Key to class photo of the Embryology course in 1982.

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KEYTOEMBRYOLOGY_1982-1.jpeg: Typed key to embryology class photo in 1982. "Key to Embryology 1982 Class Photo: 1. Gerald Thomsen-Washington University, 2. Daniel St. Johnston-Harvard University, 3. Glenn Merlino-National Institutes of Health, 4. Ann Sutherland- University of California at San Francisco, 5. Mary Ann Pultz- Indiana University, 6. Ann Poznanski- University of Chicago, 9. Judith Venuti Henderson- State University of New York at Buffalo, 10. Rudolf Raff- Indiana University, 11. Janine Le Blanc- Wesleyan University, 12. Julia Emerson- University of California at San Francisco, 13. Linda Hougan- McGill University, 14. Mark Lesk-McGill University, 15. Mitchell Gould- Emory University, 16. Elizabeth Raff- Indiana University, 17. David Hill- Harvard Medical School, 18. Bradley Pearman- University of Tennessee, 19. Thomas Blumenthal- India University, 20. Bruce Brandhorst- McGill University, 21. Mark Martindale- University University of Texas at Austin, 22. Phillip Maples- Oklahoma University, 23. Jairam Lingappa- Harvard University, 24. Robert Martone- University of Vermont, 25. Pachara Verakalasa-University of Texas at austin, 27. Nicholas Brown- Harvard University, 28. Xanthe Vafopoulou- Mandalos- University of Connecticut, 29. Robert Grainger- University of Virginia, 30. Gary Freeman- University of Texas at Austin, 31. Douglas Melton- Harvard University, 32. Laurence Zwiebel- University of Michigan, 33. Joan Ruderman-Harvard University, 34. Louis Sowers- Indiana University
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