Managing Scientific Data and Successful Library Partnerships: Sharing of Marine Data from Oceanographic Surveys Through a Proposed Library Network within the Westpac Region (Part: Southeast Asia)

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Hai Yen, Dang Thi
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collaborative research
Western Pacific
Westpac countries
marine biodiversity
The Western Pacific region is of vast social and economic importance with over 70% of the population living in and relying economically on coastal areas, and with approximately 54% of the world’s GDP generated from this region. This region also has the greatest global concentration of coastal marine biodiversity, with more than 75% of all known coral species, 53% of the world’s coral reefs, more than 3,000 fish species, and the greatest extent of mangrove forests of any region in the world. Collaborative research and programs have been conducted by scientists, institutes, and countries in the Western Pacific on oceanography, environment, marine biodiversity, conservation and health of ocean ecosystems. Data collected and analyzed in these initiatives have contributed to further understanding of the oceanographic, biological and geological characteristics of an ocean or sea. These works provide a valuable tool, figures, historical data and foundations for sustainable fisheries programs in the future. This paper aims to present various international marine research programs and initiatives between Westpac countries and the availability of scientific reports and publications. The inventory of publications will include cooperative studies, oceanographic and marine scientific research expeditions and joint surveys of Southeast Asia and its ecosystems (biodiversity, species composition etc.) and conservation. Availability of these publications and scientific reports will be checked in different libraries, websites and institutional repositories. These documents and publications require the support and cooperation of libraries and institutions. Identification of significant works and publications for possible inclusion in the Aquatic Commons and Database of IOC/IODE will be explored.
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