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dc.contributor.authorHorner, Tristan J.  Concept link
dc.contributor.authorRicketts, Richard D.  Concept link
dc.contributor.authorPryer, Helena V.  Concept link
dc.coverage.spatialGreat Lakes
dc.coverage.spatialSouthern Ocean
dc.coverage.spatialwestlimit: -91.24625; southlimit: 46.998528; eastlimit: -89.821389; northlimit: 47.331611
dc.coverage.temporal20150826 - 20150827 (UTC)
dc.descriptionDataset: Particulate and dissolved Lake Superior geochemistry
dc.description.abstractParticles are important vectors of nutrients, carbon, and several trace metals within large bodies of water. Broadly speaking, particle distributions can be classified into three major groups on the basis of their multi-element geochemistry: biogenic (organic matter-associated phases and tests); lithogenic (highly refractory rock-derived materials); and authigenic (formed in situ below the euphotic zone). We collected particulate samples spanning the full water column of Lake Superior at Stations FWM (46.998528, -91.246250) and WM (47.331611, -89.821389) during the height of 2015 summer thermal stratification (cruise BH15-11). We analyzed particle leachates for their multi-element geochemistry using ICP-MS (inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry) at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Plasma Facility. We report elemental concentrations in Lake Superior particulate matter in (nano or pico) moles per liter, defined by a 0.44 um filter cutoff. Lithogenic cycles are resolved by Al, Fe, Ti, V, and Y; biogenic phases by Ca, Cd, P, and Sr; and authigenic processes by Ba, Cd, and Mn. Several elements exhibit hybrid-type distributions depending on the depth range under investigation. Also reported are stable barium-isotopic distributions for particulate and total dissolvable Ba, measured using multiple-collector ICP-MS and reported relative to NIST SRM 3104a in permill. For a complete list of measurements, refer to the supplemental document 'Field_names.pdf', and a full dataset description is included in the supplemental file 'Dataset_description.pdf'. The most current version of this dataset is available at:
dc.description.sponsorshipNSF Division of Ocean Sciences (NSF OCE) OCE-1430015, NSF Division of Ocean Sciences (NSF OCE) OCE-1443577
dc.publisherBiological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO). Contact:
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International
dc.subjectLake Superior
dc.subjectParticulate profiles
dc.subjecttrace elements
dc.subjectbarium isotopic distributions
dc.titleParticulate multi-element geochemical concentrations, dissolved barium concentrations and barium-isotopic data collected during the R/V Blue Heron cruise BH15-11 in Lake Superior during August 2015

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Attribution 4.0 International
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