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    • Deep-sea mining of seafloor massive sulfides 

      Hoagland, Porter; Beaulieu, Stace E.; Tivey, Maurice A.; Eggert, Roderick G.; German, Christopher R.; Glowka, Lyle; Lin, Jian (2009-10-28)
      The potential emergence of an ocean mining industry to exploit seafloor massive sulfides could present opportunities for oceanographic science to facilitate seafloor mineral development in ways that lessen environmental harms.
    • Hydrothermal exploration of mid-ocean ridges : where might the largest sulfide deposits be forming? 

      German, Christopher R.; Petersen, Sven; Hannington, Mark D. (2015-11)
      Here, we review the relationship between the distribution of modern-day seafloor hydrothermal activity along the global mid-ocean ridge crest and the nature of the mineral deposits being formed at those sites. Since the ...