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    • Area selection for diamonds using magnetotellurics : examples from southern Africa 

      Jones, Alan G.; Evans, Rob L.; Muller, Mark R.; Hamilton, Mark P.; Miensopust, Marion P.; Garcia, Xavier; Cole, Patrick; Ngwisanyi, Tiyapo; Hutchins, David; Fourie, C. J. S.; Jelsma, Hielke; Aravanis, Theo; Pettit, Wayne; Webb, Susan J.; Webb, Jan; Collins, Louise; Hogg, Colin; Horan, Clare; Spratt, Jessica; Wallace, Gerry; Chave, Alan D.; Cole, Janine; Stettler, Raimund; Tshoso, G.; Mountford, Andy; Cunion, Ed; Khoza, T. David; Share, Pieter-Ewald; SAMTEX Team (2009-06-05)
      Southern Africa, particularly the Kaapvaal Craton, is one of the world’s best natural laboratories for studying the lithospheric mantle given the wealth of xenolith and seismic data that exist for it. The Southern African ...
    • Electrical lithosphere beneath the Kaapvaal craton, southern Africa 

      Evans, Rob L.; Jones, Alan G.; Garcia, Xavier; Muller, Mark R.; Hamilton, Mark P.; Evans, Shane; Fourie, C. J. S.; Spratt, Jessica; Webb, Susan J.; Jelsma, Hielke; Hutchins, David (American Geophysical Union, 2011-04-20)
      A regional-scale magnetotelluric (MT) experiment across the southern African Kaapvaal craton and surrounding terranes, called the Southern African Magnetotelluric Experiment (SAMTEX), has revealed complex structure in the ...