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  • Yoerger, Dana R.; Bradley, Albert M.; Jakuba, Michael V.; German, Christopher R.; Shank, Timothy M.; Tivey, Maurice A. (Oceanography Society, 2007-03)
    Autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles play complementary roles in the discovery, exploration, and detailed study of hydrothermal vents. Beginning with clues provided by towed or lowered instruments, ...
  • German, Christopher R.; Bowen, Andrew D.; Coleman, M. L.; Honig, D. L.; Huber, Julie A.; Jakuba, Michael V.; Kinsey, James C.; Kurz, Mark D.; Leroy, S.; McDermott, Jill M.; Mercier de Lepinay, B.; Nakamura, Ko-ichi; Seewald, Jeffrey S.; Smith, J. L.; Sylva, Sean P.; Van Dover, Cindy L.; Whitcomb, Louis L.; Yoerger, Dana R. (2010-06-24)
    Thirty years after the first discovery of high-temperature submarine venting, the vast majority of the global Mid Ocean Ridge remains unexplored for hydrothermal activity. Of particular interest are the world’s ultra-slow ...
  • Sohn, Robert A.; Willis, Claire; Humphris, Susan E.; Shank, Timothy M.; Singh, Hanumant; Edmonds, Henrietta N.; Kunz, Clayton G.; Hedman, Ulf; Helmke, Elisabeth; Jakuba, Michael V.; Liljebladh, Bengt; Linder, Julia; Murphy, Christopher A.; Nakamura, Ko-ichi; Sato, Taichi; Schlindwein, Vera; Stranne, Christian; Tausenfreund, Upchurch; Winsor, Peter; Jakobsson, Martin; Soule, Samuel A. (2007-11-26)
    Roughly 60% of the Earth’s outer surface is comprised of oceanic crust formed by volcanic processes at mid-ocean ridges (MORs). Although only a small fraction of this vast volcanic terrain has been visually surveyed ...
  • Jakuba, Michael V.; Roman, Christopher N.; Singh, Hanumant; Murphy, Christopher A.; Kunz, Clayton G.; Willis, Claire; Sato, Taichi; Sohn, Robert A. (2008-05-19)
    The recent Arctic GAkkel Vents Expedition (AGAVE) to the Arctic Ocean’s Gakkel Ridge (July/August 2007) aboard the Swedish ice-breaker I/B Oden employed autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for water-column and ocean ...
  • Yoerger, Dana R.; Bradley, Albert M.; Jakuba, Michael V.; Tivey, Maurice A.; German, Christopher R.; Shank, Timothy M.; Embley, Robert W. (Oceanography Society, 2007-12)
    Human-occupied submersibles, towed vehicles, and tethered remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) have traditionally been used to study the deep seafloor. In recent years, however, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) have ...
  • Kunz, Clayton G.; Murphy, Christopher A.; Singh, Hanumant; Pontbriand, Claire W.; Sohn, Robert A.; Singh, Sandipa; Sato, Taichi; Roman, Christopher N.; Nakamura, Ko-ichi; Jakuba, Michael V.; Eustice, Ryan M.; Camilli, Richard; Bailey, John (2009-01-12)
    This paper describes the design and use of two new autonomous underwater vehicles, Jaguar and Puma, which were deployed in the summer of 2007 at sites at 85°N latitude in the ice-covered Arctic Ocean to search for ...

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