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    • The influence of Indian Ocean atmospheric circulation on Warm Pool hydroclimate during the Holocene epoch 

      Tierney, Jessica E.; Oppo, Delia W.; LeGrande, Allegra N.; Huang, Yongsong; Rosenthal, Yair; Linsley, Braddock K. (American Geophysical Union, 2012-10-04)
      Existing paleoclimate data suggest a complex evolution of hydroclimate within the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool (IPWP) during the Holocene epoch. Here we introduce a new leaf wax isotope record from Sulawesi, Indonesia and compare ...
    • Sea surface temperature pattern reconstructions in the Arabian Sea 

      Dahl, Kristina A.; Oppo, Delia W. (American Geophysical Union, 2006-03-28)
      Sea surface temperature (SST) and seawater δ18O (δ18Ow) were reconstructed in a suite of sediment cores from throughout the Arabian Sea for four distinct time intervals (0 ka, 8 ka, 15 ka, and 20 ka) with the aim of ...