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    • The carbon cycle and associated redox processes through time 

      Hayes, John M.; Waldbauer, Jacob R. (2006-01-24)
      Earth’s biogeochemical cycle of carbon delivers both limestones and organic materials to the crust. In numerous, biologically catalyzed redox reactions, hydrogen, sulfur, iron, and oxygen serve prominently as electron ...
    • Temporal and spatial variability of particle transport in the deep Arctic Canada Basin 

      Hwang, Jeomshik; Kim, Minkyoung; Manganini, Steven J.; McIntyre, Cameron P.; Haghipour, Negar; Park, Jong Jin; Krishfield, Richard A.; Macdonald, Robie W.; McLaughlin, Fiona A.; Eglinton, Timothy I. (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-04-11)
      To better understand the current carbon cycle and potentially detect its change in the rapidly changing Arctic Ocean, we examined sinking particles collected quasi-continuously over a period of 7 years (2004–2011) by ...