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  • Udovydchenkov, Ilya A.; Stephen, Ralph A.; Duda, Timothy F.; Bolmer, S. Thompson; Worcester, Peter F.; Dzieciuch, Matthew A.; Mercer, James A.; Andrew, Rex K.; Howe, Bruce M. (Acoustical Society of America, 2012-10)
    Data collected during the 2004 Long-range Ocean Acoustic Propagation Experiment provide absolute intensities and travel times of acoustic pulses at ranges varying from 50 to 3200 km. In this paper a subset of these data ...
  • Soule, Samuel A.; Ferrini, Vicki L.; Kinsey, James C.; Fornari, Daniel J.; Sellers, Cynthia J.; White, Scott M.; Von Damm, Karen L.; Carbotte, Suzanne M. (American Geophysical Union, 2008-11-06)
    Four seafloor benchmarks were deployed with ROV Jason2 at frequently visited areas along the northern East Pacific Rise (NEPR) ridge crest near 9°50′N, within the Ridge2000 EPR integrated study site (ISS) bull's eye. When ...
  • Padman, Laurie; Costa, Daniel P.; Bolmer, S. Thompson; Goebel, Michael E.; Huckstadt, Luis A.; Jenkins, Adrian; McDonald, Birgitte I.; Shoosmith, Deborah R. (American Geophysical Union, 2010-11-03)
    We demonstrate the first use of marine mammal dive-depth data to improve maps of bathymetry in poorly sampled regions of the continental shelf. A group of 57 instrumented elephant seals made on the order of 2 × 105 dives ...
  • Wanless, V. Dorsey; Garcia, Michael O.; Trusdell, F. A.; Rhodes, J. M.; Norman, M. D.; Weis, Dominique; Fornari, Daniel J.; Kurz, Mark D.; Guillou, Herve (American Geophysical Union, 2006-05-02)
    A 2002 multibeam sonar survey of Mauna Loa’s western flank revealed ten submarine radial vents and three submarine lava flows. Only one submarine radial vent was known previously. The ages of these vents are constrained ...

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