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    • Analysis of energy flow in US GLOBEC ecosystems using end-to-end models 

      Ruzicka, James J.; Steele, John H.; Gaichas, Sarah K.; Ballerini, Tosca; Gifford, Dian J.; Brodeur, Richard D.; Hofmann, Eileen E. (The Oceanography Society, 2013-12)
      End-to-end models were constructed to examine and compare the trophic structure and energy flow in coastal shelf ecosystems of four US Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics (GLOBEC) study regions: the Northern California Current, ...
    • Constructing end-to-end models using ECOPATH data 

      Steele, John H.; Ruzicka, James J. (2011-03)
      The wide availability of ECOPATH data sets provides a valuable resource for the comparative analysis of marine ecosystems. We show how to derive a bottom-up transform from the top-down ECOPATH; couple this to a simple NPZD ...
    • Dividing up the pie : whales, fish, and humans as competitors 

      Ruzicka, James J.; Steele, John H.; Ballerini, Tosca; Gaichas, Sarah K.; Ainley, David G. (2013-04-29)
      Similarly structured food web models of four coastal ecosystems (Northern California Current, Central Gulf of Alaska, Georges Bank, southwestern Antarctic Peninsula) were used to investigate competition among whales, ...