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    • The costs of respiratory illnesses arising from Florida Gulf Coast Karenia brevis blooms 

      Hoagland, Porter; Jin, Di; Polansky, Lara Y.; Kirkpatrick, Barbara; Kirkpatrick, Gary; Fleming, Lora E.; Reich, Andrew; Watkins, Sharon M.; Ullmann, Steven G.; Backer, Lorraine C. (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2009-05-01)
      Algal blooms of Karenia brevis, a harmful marine algae, occur almost annually off the west coast of Florida. At high concentrations, K. brevis blooms can cause harm through the release of potent toxins, known as brevetoxins, ...
    • The human health effects of Florida Red Tide (FRT) blooms : an expanded analysis 

      Hoagland, Porter; Jin, Di; Beet, Andrew R.; Kirkpatrick, Barbara; Reich, Andrew; Ullmann, Steven G.; Fleming, Lora E.; Kirkpatrick, Gary (2014-03)
      Human respiratory and digestive illnesses can be caused by exposures to brevetoxins from blooms of the marine alga Karenia brevis, also known as Florida red tide (FRT). K. brevis requires macro-nutrients to grow; although ...
    • Human responses to Florida red tides : policy awareness and adherence to local fertilizer ordinances 

      Kirkpatrick, Barbara; Kohler, Kate; Byrne, Margaret; Fleming, Lora E.; Scheller, Karen; Reich, Andrew; Hitchcock, Gary; Kirkpatrick, Gary; Ullmann, Steven G.; Hoagland, Porter (2014-06)
      To mitigate the damages of natural hazards, policy responses can be beneficial only if they are effective. Using a self-administered survey approach, this paper focuses on the adherence to local fertilizer ordinances ...