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    • Balancing end-to-end budgets of the Georges Bank ecosystem 

      Steele, John H.; Collie, Jeremy S.; Bisagni, James J.; Gifford, Dian J.; Fogarty, Michael J.; Link, Jason S.; Sullivan, B. K.; Sieracki, Michael E.; Beet, Andrew R.; Mountain, David G.; Durbin, Edward G.; Palka, D.; Stockhausen, W. T. (2007-05-09)
      Oceanographic regimes on the continental shelf display a great range in the time scales of physical exchange, biochemical processes and trophic transfers. The close surface-to-seabed physical coupling at intermediate scales ...
    • Comparing species and ecosystem-based estimates of fisheries yields 

      Steele, John H.; Gifford, Dian J.; Collie, Jeremy S. (2011-06)
      Three methods are described to estimate potential yields of commercial fish species: (i) single-species calculation of maximum sustainable yields, and two ecosystem-based methods derived from published results for (ii) ...
    • End-to-end foodweb control of fish production on Georges Bank 

      Collie, Jeremy S.; Gifford, Dian J.; Steele, John H. (2009-05-06)
      The ecosystem approach to management requires the productivity of individual fish stocks to be considered in the context of the entire ecosystem. In this paper, we derive an annual end-to-end budget for the Georges Bank ...