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  • Waterfront land use change and marine resource conditions : the case of New Bedford and Fairhaven, Massachusetts 

    Portman, Michelle E.; Jin, Di; Thunberg, Eric M. (2009-03)
    A major challenge in gauging long-term and cumulative impacts of fisheries management on coastal fishing communities is the lack of understanding of the interactions between changes in fish stocks and waterfront land ...
  • Why compare marine ecosystems? 

    Murawski, Steven A.; Steele, John H.; Taylor, Phillip; Fogarty, Michael J.; Sissenwine, Michael P.; Ford, Michael; Suchman, Cynthia (Oxford University Press, 2009-08-30)
    Effective marine ecosystem-based management (EBM) requires understanding the key processes and relationships controlling the aspects of biodiversity, productivity, and resilience to perturbations. Unfortunately, the scales, ...