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  • Gawarkiewicz, Glen G.; Jan, Sen; Lermusiaux, Pierre F.J.; McClean, Julie L.; Centurioni, Luca; Taylor, Kevin; Cornuelle, Bruce D.; Duda, Timothy F.; Wang, Joe; Yang, Yiing Jiang; Sanford, Thomas B.; Lien, Ren-Chieh; Lee, Craig M.; Lee, Ming-An; Leslie, Wayne; Haley, Patrick J.; Niiler, Pearn P.; Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Velez-Belchi, Pedro; Lee, Dong-Kyu; Kim, Yoo Yin (The Oceanography Society, 2011-12)
    An important element of present oceanographic research is the assessment and quantification of uncertainty. These studies are challenging in the coastal ocean due to the wide variety of physical processes occurring on a ...
  • Sanford, Thomas B.; Price, James F.; Girton, James B.; Webb, Douglas C. (American Geophysical Union, 2007-07-07)
    An autonomous, profiling float called EM-APEX was developed to provide a quantitative and comprehensive description of the ocean side of hurricane-ocean interaction. EM-APEX measures temperature, salinity and pressure to ...
  • Price, James F.; Sanford, Thomas B.; Forristall, George Z. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1991-01)
    Field observations of the ocean's forced stage response to three hurricanes, Norbert (1984), Josephine (1984) and Gloria (1985), are analyzed and presented in a storm-centered coordinate system. All three hurricanes had ...
  • D'Asaro, Eric A.; Black, Peter; Centurioni, Luca; Harr, Patrick; Jayne, Steven R.; Lin, I.-I.; Lee, Craig M.; Morzel, Jan; Mrvaljevic, Rosalinda; Niiler, Pearn P.; Rainville, Luc; Sanford, Thomas B.; Tang, Tswen Yung (The Oceanography Society, 2011-12)
    The application of new technologies has allowed oceanographers and meteorologists to study the ocean beneath typhoons in detail. Recent studies in the western Pacific Ocean reveal new insights into the influence of the ...
  • Sanford, Thomas B.; Price, James F.; Girton, James B. (American Meteorological Society, 2011-06)
    Three autonomous profiling Electromagnetic Autonomous Profiling Explorer (EM-APEX) floats were air deployed one day in advance of the passage of Hurricane Frances (2004) as part of the Coupled Boundary Layer Air–Sea Transfer ...

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