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  • Churchill, James H.; Lentz, Steven J.; Farrar, J. Thomas; Abualnajab, Yasser (Elsevier, 2014-02-14)
    Properties of coastal flows of the central Red Sea are examined using 2 years of velocity data acquired off the coast of Saudi Arabia near 22 °N. The tidal flow is found to be very weak. The strongest tidal constituent, ...
  • Zhai, Ping; Bower, Amy S. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-01-31)
    Remote sensing and in situ observations are used to investigate the ocean response to the Tokar Wind Jet in the Red Sea. The wind jet blows down the atmospheric pressure gradient through the Tokar Gap on the Sudanese coast, ...
  • Jiang, Houshuo; Farrar, J. Thomas; Beardsley, Robert C.; Chen, Ru; Chen, Changsheng (American Geophysical Union, 2009-10-10)
    Mesoscale atmospheric modeling over the Red Sea, validated by in-situ meteorological buoy data, identifies two types of coastal mountain gap wind jets that frequently blow across the longitudinal axis of the Red Sea: (1) ...

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