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    • Observations of fresh, anticyclonic eddies in the Hudson Strait outflow 

      Sutherland, David A.; Straneo, Fiamma; Lentz, Steven J.; St-Laurent, Pierre (2010-07)
      The waters that flow out through Hudson Strait, a coastal system that connects Hudson Bay with the Labrador Sea, constitute the third largest freshwater contribution to the northern North Atlantic. Recent studies have ...
    • What is the fate of the river waters of Hudson Bay? 

      St-Laurent, Pierre; Straneo, Fiamma; Dumais, J.-F.; Barber, David G. (2011-08-16)
      We examine the freshwater balance of Hudson and James bays, two shallow and fresh seas that annually receive 12% of the pan- Arctic river runoff. The analyses use the results from a 3–D sea ice-ocean coupled model with ...