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  • Arctic Ocean warming contributes to reduced polar ice cap 

    Polyakov, Igor V.; Timokhov, Leonid A.; Alexeev, Vladimir A.; Bacon, Sheldon; Dmitrenko, Igor A.; Fortier, Louis; Frolov, Ivan E.; Gascard, Jean-Claude; Hansen, Edmond; Ivanov, Vladimir V.; Laxon, Seymour W.; Mauritzen, Cecilie; Perovich, Donald K.; Shimada, Koji; Simmons, Harper L.; Sokolov, Vladimir T.; Steele, Michael; Toole, John M. (American Meteorological Society, 2010-12)
    Analysis of modern and historical observations demonstrates that the temperature of the intermediate-depth (150–900 m) Atlantic water (AW) of the Arctic Ocean has increased in recent decades. The AW warming has been uneven ...
  • Estimates of cabbeling in the global ocean 

    Schanze, Julian J.; Schmitt, Raymond W. (American Meteorological Society, 2013-04)
    Owing to the larger thermal expansion coefficient at higher temperatures, more buoyancy is put into the ocean by heating than is removed by cooling at low temperatures. The authors show that, even with globally balanced ...
  • Measurements of momentum and heat transfer across the air–sea interface 

    Gerbi, Gregory P.; Trowbridge, John H.; Edson, James B.; Plueddemann, Albert J.; Terray, Eugene A.; Fredericks, Janet J. (American Meteorological Society, 2008-05)
    This study makes direct measurements of turbulent fluxes in the mixed layer in order to close heat and momentum budgets across the air–sea interface and to assess the ability of rigid-boundary turbulence models to predict ...