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  • Pedlosky, Joseph; Thomson, James M. (Cambridge University Press, 2003-08-19)
    The baroclinic instability of a zonal current on the beta-plane is studied in the context of the two-layer model when the shear of the basic current is a periodic function of time. The basic shear is contained in a zonal ...
  • Yang, Xiao-Yi; Huang, Rui Xin; Wang, Jia; Wang, Dong Xiao (2008-01-11)
    Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) responds to the surface windstress via two processes, i.e., instant barotropic process and delayed baroclinic process. This study focuses on the baroclinic instability mechanism in ACC. ...
  • Spall, Michael A. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-05-17)
    Basic constraints on the dense water formation rate and circulation resulting from cooling around an island are discussed. The domain under consideration consists of an island surrounded by a shelf, a continental slope, ...

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