Physical Oceanography (PO)


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Physical Oceanography (PO)


Department members investigate the dynamics and thermodynamics of ocean circulation. They work globally from the Arctic to the Antarctic and from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Philippine shelf on the full range of oceanic processes, from mixing on centimeter scales to heat balance on the global scale.

Recent Submissions

  • Omand, Melissa M.; Feddersen, Falk; Guza, R. T.; Franks, Peter J. S. (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, 2012-11)
    Three distinct phytoplankton blooms lasting 4–9 d were observed in approximately 15-m water depth near Huntington Beach, California, between June and October of 2006. Each bloom was preceded by a vertical NO3 flux event ...
  • Pineda, Jesus; Starczak, Victoria R.; Tarrant, Ann M.; Blythe, Jonathan N.; Davis, Kristen A.; Farrar, J. Thomas; Berumen, Michael L.; da Silva, Jose C. B. (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, 2013-09)
    In summer 2010, a bleaching event decimated the abundant reef flat coral Stylophora pistillata in some areas of the central Red Sea, where a series of coral reefs 100–300 m wide by several kilometers long extends from the ...
  • Greene, Charles H.; Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin; Monger, Bruce C.; McGarry, Louise P.; Pershing, Andrew J.; Belkin, Igor M.; Fratantoni, Paula S.; Mountain, David G.; Pickart, Robert S.; Proshutinsky, Andrey; Ji, Rubao; Bisagni, James J.; Hakkinen, Sirpa M. A.; Haidvogel, Dale B.; Wang, Jia; Head, Erica; Smith, Peter; Reid, Philip C.; Conversi, Alessandra (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, 2013-05)
    Decadal-scale regime shifts in Northwest Atlantic shelf ecosystems can be remotely forced by climate-associated atmosphere–ocean interactions in the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean Basins. This remote climate forcing is ...
  • Ullgren, Jenny E.; Fer, Ilker; Darelius, Elin; Beaird, Nicholas (John Wiley & Sons, 2014-01-10)
    The narrow and deep Faroe Bank Channel (FBC) is an important pathway for cold, dense waters from the Nordic Seas to flow across the Iceland-Scotland ridge into the North Atlantic. The swift, turbulent FBC overflow is ...
  • Lique, Camille; Guthrie, John D.; Steele, Michael; Proshutinsky, Andrey; Morison, James H.; Krishfield, Richard A. (John Wiley & Sons, 2014-01-22)
    Observational studies have shown that an unprecedented warm anomaly has recently affected the temperature of the Atlantic Water (AW) layer lying at intermediate depth in the Arctic Ocean. Using observations from four ...