Oceanographic study of warm core Gulf Stream rings and the Northwest Atlantic Slope Water region : a prospectus for multidisciplinary research, report and proceedings / Interdisciplinary Workshop on Gulf Stream Anticyclonic Eddies (Warm Core Rings) held at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, May 16-20, 1977

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Ocean currents
Warm Core Rings
It is well recognized in the oceanography of the Western North Atlantic that a distinct hydrographic regime exists between the continental shelf and the Gulf Stream, once the latter has effectively separated from the coast at Cape Hatteras. Denoted as the Slope Water, this hydrographic regime has been considered as one of confusing complexity, presumably arising from irregular mixing processes between it and the neighboring shelf and Gulf Stream regimes. Although previously noted in the literature, it has recently become very strongly evident as a result of the satellite image coverage of this region that a dominant role in this variability can be ascribed to well organized and persistent circulation features. These have been given the name warm core Gulf Stream rings, in order to emphasize their complementary dynamic origin relative to the more generally known cold core rings in the Sargasso Sea. A scientific workshop was held in Woods Hole under the auspices of the NSF/ IDOE to review in detail the status of our knowledge about the biology, chemistry and physics of the shelf-Slope Water regime and the associated rings, and the general biological, chemical and physical processes likely to be taking place in rings. Also considered were the prospect for advancing this knowledge through a multidisciplinary study of the warm core rings and the region impacted by them. Out of extensive background review in papers presented in plenary sessions, and program discussions in working groups, there arose a consensus that such a multidisciplinary effort would be both feasible and timely.
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