Microbial Diversity: Marine Biological Laboratory 2011 Final Reports

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Armitage, David W.
Aruda, Amalia
Blasiak, Leah
Buchwald, Carly
Cregger, Melissa
Cappelletti, Martina
Cordero, Otto X.
Gallagher, Kim
Glass, Jennifer
Holmes, Jeff
Hurley, Sarah
Hemp, James
Ma, Peijun
Rampersaud, Ryan
Ruff, Emil
Salman, Verena
Schick, Michael
Shade, Ashley
Vuono, David
Youngblut, Nicholas
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"Ecological investigations into the causes and consequences of cyanobacterial diversity" by David W. Armitage
"Bacteria along for the ride: Exploring microbial interactions from copepods to Anabaena" by Amalia Aruda
"Sea Squirt Symionts! Or what I did onmy summer vacation..." by Leah Blasiak
"Testing our ability to accurately measure nitrification rates in the oligotrophic ocean: Does adding ammonium affect the nitrifier community composition?" by Carly Buchwald
"Characterization of anoxygenic phototrophs that grow using infrared radiation (>800Nm) (Sampling location: Little Sippewissett Marsh, Woods Hole, MA)" by Martina Cappelletti
"Enriching spatially structured communities of cellulose degraders" by Otto X. Cordero
"Long-term oil contamination yields novel phylum of bacteria by 454 pyrosequencing" by Melissa Cregger
"Methanogens in the oxic zone" by Kim Gallagher
"Characterization of methanogenic communities and nickel requirements for methane production from Woods Hole marshes and isolation of a novel methanogen of the order Methanomicrobiales from Eel Pond mud" by Jennifer Glass
"The search for ancestrally anoxygenic or non-phototrophic Cyanobacteria" by James Hemp
"A preliminary foray into domesticating Pirellula, the little pears, as a model Planctomycetes" by Jeff Holmes
"Shifts in the relative abundance of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in the water column of a stratified marine environment, Salt Pond" by Sarah Hurley
"Searching for a circadian clock in Rhodopseudomonas palustris strain TIE-1 by oxygen entrainment" by Peijun Ma
"Modeling the effects of acid rain on soil microbial communities: How pH alters the composition, structure, and metabolic capabilities of soil communities" by Ryan Rampersaud
"Physiological and morphological characterization of two Bacillus strains" by Emil Ruff
"Study of phylogenetic consistency, structure and origin of the pink berries in Great and Little Sippewissett Salt Marsh" by Verena Salman
"Sulfur-cycle, nitrogenase and carbon utilization in red "berries"" by Michael Schick
"The kombucha biofilm: a model system for microbial ecology" by Ashley Shade
"Dynamics and diversity of activated sludge and sewage-derived microbial populations in a full-scale sequencing batch reactor" by David Vuono
"Ammonia oxidation in the Great Sippewissett Salt Marsh: who, where, and when?" by Nicholas Youngblut
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