The OCB Project Office advertises, supports, and coordinates the annual OCB summer science workshop. The dates, theme(s), and thematic session chairs are chosen by the OCB-SSC. In addition to plenary sessions on timely state-of-the-art science, the OCB summer workshop provides a forum for community discussion of new research directions and opportunities.

Recent Submissions

  • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2014 

    Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2014-07)
  • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2013 

    Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2013-07)
    Each of this year’s plenary sessions began with an overview talk to provide background and broader context for an interdisciplinary audience, followed by a series of more focused research talks to highlight recent scientific ...
  • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2006 

    Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2006-07)
    The objectives of the OCB summer 2006 workshop were to highlight recent scientific findings in ocean biogeochemistry and related ecological and physical research, foster improved communication among existing ocean ...
  • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2011 

    Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2011-07)
    Trends, Thresholds, and Tipping Points in Marine Ecosystems: The oceans represent one of the largest and most active carbon reservoirs on the planet. With atmospheric CO2 levels on the rise, there is serious concern about ...
  • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2010 

    Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2010-07)
    This year’s OCB summer workshop highlighted three interdisciplinary science themes: Arctic, low oxygen regions, and benthic-pelagic coupling. Within these themes, we were especially keen to address nitrogen cycling, ...
  • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2009 

    Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2009-07)
    This year's workshop included the following interdisciplinary sessions: The Next U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan: Although the research priorities identified in the 1999 U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan still remain ...
  • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2008 

    Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2008-07)
    The focus of this year’s workshop was on the following interdisciplinary themes: Climate sensitivity of ecosystem structure and associated impacts on biogeochemical cycles Implications of climate variability and climate ...
  • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2012 

    Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2012-07)
    Multiple stressors in marine ecosystems: Marine ecosystems are facing multiple anthropogenic stressors, and although we are learning much about how individual stressors may impact ecosystems, we know little about synergistic ...
  • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2007 

    Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2007-07)
    The summer 2007 OCB Science Workshop seeks to recognize new research opportunities at the interface between traditional disciplines. Participants are encouraged to "think outside the box" of their own immediate research ...