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  • The influence of light on nitrogen cycling and the primary nitrite maximum in a seasonally stratified sea 

    Mackey, Katherine R. M.; Bristow, Laura; Parks, David R.; Altabet, Mark A.; Post, Anton F.; Paytan, Adina (2011-07-08)
    In the seasonally stratified Gulf of Aqaba Red Sea, both NO2- release by phytoplankton and NH4+ oxidation by nitrifying microbes contributed to the formation of a primary nitrite maximum (PNM) over different seasons and ...
  • An interdisciplinary assessment of climate engineering strategies 

    Cusack, Daniela F.; Axsen, Jonn; Shwom, Rachael; Hartzell-Nichols, Lauren; White, Sam; Mackey, Katherine R. M. (Ecological Society of America, 2014-06)
    Mitigating further anthropogenic changes to the global climate will require reducing greenhouse-gas emissions (“abatement”), or else removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and/or diminishing solar input (“climate ...
  • Phytoplankton responses to atmospheric metal deposition in the coastal and open-ocean Sargasso Sea 

    Mackey, Katherine R. M.; Buck, Kristen N.; Casey, John R.; Cid, Abigail; Lomas, Michael W.; Sohrin, Yoshiki; Paytan, Adina (Frontiers Media, 2012-10-12)
    This study investigated the impact of atmospheric metal deposition on natural phytoplankton communities at open-ocean and coastal sites in the Sargasso Sea during the spring bloom. Locally collected aerosols with different ...