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  • Stewart, Jill R.; Gast, Rebecca J.; Fujioka, Roger S.; Solo-Gabriele, Helena M.; Meschke, J. Scott; Amaral-Zettler, Linda A.; del Castillo, Erika; Polz, Martin F.; Collier, Tracy K.; Strom, Mark S.; Sinigalliano, Christopher D.; Moeller, Peter D. R.; Holland, A. Fredrick (BioMed Central, 2008-11-07)
    Innovative research relating oceans and human health is advancing our understanding of disease-causing organisms in coastal ecosystems. Novel techniques are elucidating the loading, transport and fate of pathogens in coastal ...
  • Halliday, Elizabeth; McLellan, Sandra L.; Amaral-Zettler, Linda A.; Sogin, Mitchell L.; Gast, Rebecca J. (Public Library of Science, 2014-03-05)
    Recreational water quality, as measured by culturable fecal indicator bacteria (FIB), may be influenced by persistent populations of these bacteria in local sands or wrack, in addition to varied fecal inputs from human ...
  • Sinigalliano, Christopher D.; Gidley, M. L.; Shibata, T.; Whitman, D.; Dixon, T. H.; Laws, Edward A.; Hou, A.; Bachoon, D.; Brand, Larry E.; Amaral-Zettler, Linda A.; Gast, Rebecca J.; Steward, G. F.; Nigro, O. D.; Fujioka, Roger S.; Betancourt, W. Q.; Vithanage, G.; Mathews, J.; Fleming, Lora E.; Solo-Gabriele, Helena M. (2007-03-20)
    Floodwaters in New Orleans from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were observed to contain high levels of fecal indicator bacteria and microbial pathogens, generating concern about long-term impacts of these floodwaters on the ...
  • Lasek-Nesselquist, Erica; Bogomolni, Andrea L.; Gast, Rebecca J.; Mark Welch, David B.; Ellis, Julie C.; Sogin, Mitchell L.; Moore, Michael J. (Inter-Research, 2008-08-19)
    Giardia intestinalis is a microbial eukaryotic parasite that causes diarrheal disease in humans and other vertebrates worldwide. The negative effect on quality of life and economics caused by G. intestinalis may be increased ...

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