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    • Comparative systems biology across an evolutionary gradient within the Shewanella genus 

      Konstantinidis, Konstantinos T.; Serres, Margrethe H.; Romine, Margaret F.; Rodrigues, Jorge L. M.; Auchtung, Jennifer; McCue, Lee-Ann; Lipton, Mary S.; Obraztsova, Anna Y.; Giometti, Carol S.; Nealson, Kenneth H.; Fredrickson, James K.; Tiedje, James M. (2009-07)
      To what extent genotypic differences translate to phenotypic variation remains a poorly understood issue of paramount importance for several cornerstone concepts of microbiology including the species definition. Here, ...
    • Conserved synteny at the protein family level reveals genes underlying Shewanella species’ cold tolerance and predicts their novel phenotypes 

      Karpinets, Tatiana V.; Obraztsova, Anna Y.; Wang, Yanbing; Schmoyer, Denise D.; Kora, Guruprasad H.; Park, Byung H.; Serres, Margrethe H.; Romine, Margaret F.; Land, Miriam L.; Kothe, Terence B.; Fredrickson, James K.; Nealson, Kenneth H.; Uberbacher, Edward C. (Springer, 2009-10-03)
      Bacteria of the genus Shewanella can thrive in different environments and demonstrate significant variability in their metabolic and ecophysiological capabilities including cold and salt tolerance. Genomic characteristics ...