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    • Microbial rhodopsins on leaf surfaces of terrestrial plants 

      Atamna-Ismaeel, Nof; Finkel, Omri M.; Glaser, Fabian; Sharon, Itai; Schneider, Ron; Post, Anton F.; Spudich, John L.; von Mering, Christian; Vorholt, Julia A.; Iluz, David; Beja, Oded; Belkin, Shimshon (2011-06-14)
      The above-ground surfaces of terrestrial plants, the phyllosphere, comprise the main interface between the terrestrial biosphere and solar radiation. It is estimated to host up to 1026 microbial cells that may intercept ...
    • Phyllosphere microbial communities of a salt-excreting desert tree : geographical location determines population structure 

      Finkel, Omri M.; Burch, Adrien Y.; Lindow, Steven E.; Post, Anton F.; Belkin, Shimshon (2011-09)
      The leaf surfaces of Tamarix, a salt secreting desert tree, harbor a diverse community of microbial epiphytes. This ecosystem presents a unique set of ecological characteristics and imposes a set of extreme stress conditions. ...