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    • Protein phosphatase 2A plays a crucial role in Giardia lamblia differentiation 

      Lauwaet, Tineke; Davids, Barbara J.; Torres-Escobar, Ascencion; Birkeland, Shanda R.; Cipriano, Michael J.; Preheim, Sarah P.; Palm, Daniel; Svard, Staffan G.; McArthur, Andrew G.; Gillin, Frances D. (2006-12-06)
      The ability of Giardia lamblia to undergo two distinct differentiations in response to physiologic stimuli is central to its pathogenesis. The giardial cytoskeleton changes drastically during encystation and excystation. ...
    • Transcriptomes reflect the phenotypes of undifferentiated, granulocyte and macrophage forms of HL-60/S4 cells 

      Mark Welch, David B.; Jauch, Anna; Langowski, Jörg; Olins, Ada L.; Olins, Donald E. (2017-01)
      In order to understand the chromatin changes underlying differential gene expression during induced differentiation of human leukemic HL-60/S4 cells, we conducted RNA-Seq analysis on quadruplicate cultures of undifferentiated, ...