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    • A preliminary analysis of the vertical heat flux at five meters over water 

      Panofsky, H. A. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1951-09)
      The members of the Marine Meteorology Project of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have designed equipment for the measurement or the vertical heat flux. This consists of a small vertical vane, a heated thermistor ...
    • Stress, turbulence, and heat flow measurements over the Gulf of Maine and surrounding land 

      Bunker, Andrew F. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1956-11)
      This report presents turbulence, flux, temperature and water vapor data obtained from an airplane flying over the Gulf of Maine and adjacent shores. Measurements of the root-mean-square turbulent deviation velocities, ...
    • Thermoconvective eddies in air : application to meteorology 

      Avsec, Dusan (E. Blondel la Rougery : Gauthier-VillarsWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1939)
      The object of the present work is a study thermoconvective eddies in a layer of air heated uniformly from below. Being given the importance that these eddies present in meteorlogical phenomena, we have tried to attain three ...