The Cellular Dynamics Program (CDP) at the MBL aims to accelerate the knowledge of basic biology and disease through the development and application of biophysical methods customized to shed light on life’s most essential processes.

CDP is composed of several independent laboratories, notably those with a specialization in imaging and cell physiology and biochemistry. Additionally the program houses the NIH:NCRR national resource, the BioCurrents Research Center. The CDP imaging component focuses on the architectural dynamics of living cells, which encompass the timely and coordinated assembly and disassembly of macromolecular structures essential for the proper functioning and differentiation of cells, the spatial and temporal organization of these structures, and their physiological and genetic control. The molecular physiology component, in pursuing studies of cell metabolism and transport biophysics, has pioneered the use of electrochemical sensors to define the chemical signatures surrounding living cells and tissues, opening insights to cell function from a distance.

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