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    • Changes in reflectin protein phosphorylation are associated with dynamic iridescence in squid 

      Izumi, Michi; Sweeney, Alison M.; DeMartini, Daniel; Weaver, James C.; Powers, Meghan L.; Tao, Andrea; Silvas, Tania V.; Kramer, Ryan M.; Crookes-Goodson, Wendy J.; Mathger, Lydia M.; Naik, Rajesh R.; Hanlon, Roger T.; Morse, Daniel E. (2009-07-18)
      Many cephalopods exhibit remarkable dermal iridescence, a component of their complex, dynamic camouflage and communication. In the species Euprymna scolopes, the light-organ iridescence is static and is due to reflectin ...
    • Microstructural and biochemical characterization of the nanoporous sucker rings from Dosidicus gigas 

      Miserez, Ali; Weaver, James C.; Pedersen, Peter B.; Schneeberk, Todd; Hanlon, Roger T.; Kisailus, David; Birkedal, Henrik (2008-11-24)
      Recent interest in the development of environmentally benign routes to the synthesis of novel multifunctional materials has resulted in numerous investigations into structure-function relationships of a wide range of ...