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    • Adaptable night camouflage by cuttlefish 

      Hanlon, Roger T.; Naud, Marie-Jose; Forsythe, John W.; Hall, Karina; Watson, Anya C.; McKechnie, Joy (University of Chicago Press, 2007-02-12)
      Cephalopods are well known for their diverse, quick‐changing camouflage in a wide range of shallow habitats worldwide. However, there is no documentation that cephalopods use their diverse camouflage repertoire at night. ...
    • A “mimic octopus” in the Atlantic : flatfish mimicry and camouflage by Macrotritopus defilippi 

      Hanlon, Roger T.; Watson, Anya C.; Barbosa, Alexandra (Marine Biological Laboratory, 2010-02)
      The sand-dwelling octopus Macrotritopus defilippi was filmed or photographed in five Caribbean locations mimicking the swimming behavior (posture, style, speed, duration) and coloration of the common, sand-dwelling flounder ...