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    • Adaptable night camouflage by cuttlefish 

      Hanlon, Roger T.; Naud, Marie-Jose; Forsythe, John W.; Hall, Karina; Watson, Anya C.; McKechnie, Joy (University of Chicago Press, 2007-02-12)
      Cephalopods are well known for their diverse, quick‐changing camouflage in a wide range of shallow habitats worldwide. However, there is no documentation that cephalopods use their diverse camouflage repertoire at night. ...
    • Evidence for biased use of sperm sources in wild female giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama) 

      Naud, Marie-Jose; Shaw, Paul W.; Hanlon, Roger T.; Havenhand, Jon N. (Royal Society, 2005-05-22)
      In species where females store sperm from their mates prior to fertilization, sperm competition is particularly probable. Female Sepia apama are polyandrous and have access to sperm from packages (spermatangia) deposited ...