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    • Recent Arctic climate change and its remote forcing of Northwest Atlantic shelf ecosystems 

      Greene, Charles H.; Monger, Bruce C.; McGarry, Louise P.; Connelly, Matthew D.; Schnepf, Neesha R.; Pershing, Andrew J.; Belkin, Igor M.; Fratantoni, Paula S.; Mountain, David G.; Pickart, Robert S.; Ji, Rubao; Bisagni, James J.; Chen, Changsheng; Hakkinen, Sirpa M. A.; Haidvogel, Dale B.; Wang, Jia; Head, Erica; Smith, Peter; Conversi, Alessandra (The Oceanography Society, 2012-09)
      During recent decades, historically unprecedented changes have been observed in the Arctic as climate warming has increased precipitation, river discharge, and glacial as well as sea-ice melting. Additionally, shifts in ...