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    • Climate impacts on zooplankton population dynamics in coastal marine ecosystems 

      Batchelder, Harold P.; Daly, Kendra L.; Davis, Cabell S.; Ji, Rubao; Ohman, Mark D.; Peterson, William T.; Runge, Jeffrey A. (The Oceanography Society, 2013-12)
      The 20-year US GLOBEC (Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics) program examined zooplankton populations and their predators in four coastal marine ecosystems. Program scientists learned that environmental controls on zooplankton ...
    • Marine plankton phenology and life history in a changing climate : current research and future directions 

      Ji, Rubao; Edwards, Martin; Mackas, David L.; Runge, Jeffrey A.; Thomas, Andrew C. (Oxford University Press, 2010-06-07)
      Increasing availability and extent of biological ocean time series (from both in situ and satellite data) have helped reveal significant phenological variability of marine plankton. The extent to which the range of this ...