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  • Hooker, Sascha K.; Fahlman, Andreas; Moore, Michael J.; Aguilar De Soto, Natacha; Bernaldo de Quiros, Yara; Brubakk, A. O.; Costa, Daniel P.; Costidis, Alex M.; Dennison, S.; Falke, K. J.; Fernandez, A.; Ferrigno, Massimo; Fitz-Clarke, J. R.; Garner, M. M.; Houser, Dorian S.; Jepson, Paul D.; Ketten, Darlene R.; Kvadsheim, P. H.; Madsen, Peter T.; Pollock, N. W.; Rotstein, David S.; Rowles, Teresa K.; Simmons, S. E.; Van Bonn, W.; Weathersby, P. K.; Weise, M. J.; Williams, T. M.; Tyack, Peter L. (Royal Society, 2011-12-21)
    Decompression sickness (DCS; ‘the bends’) is a disease associated with gas uptake at pressure. The basic pathology and cause are relatively well known to human divers. Breath-hold diving marine mammals were thought to be ...
  • Moore, Michael J.; Bogomolni, Andrea L.; Bowman, Robert; Hamilton, Philip K.; Harry, Charles T.; Knowlton, Amy R.; Landry, Scott; Rotstein, David S.; Touhey, Kathleen M. (IEEE, 2006-09)
    Unlike smaller marine mammals that lack the mass and power to break free from serious entanglements in fixed fishing gear, right whales can do so, but they are not always rope free. The remaining rope can gradually constrict ...
  • Cassoff, Rachel M.; Moore, Kathleen M.; McLellan, William A.; Barco, Susan G.; Rotstein, David S.; Moore, Michael J. (Inter-Research, 2011-10-06)
    Understanding the scenarios whereby fishing gear entanglement of large whales induces mortality is important for the development of mitigation strategies. Here we present a series of 21 cases involving 4 species of baleen ...
  • Moore, Michael J.; Andrews, Russel; Austin, Trevor; Bailey, James; Costidis, Alex M.; George, Clay; Jackson, Katharine; Pitchford, Thomas; Landry, Scott; Ligon, Allan; McLellan, William A.; Morin, David; Smith, Jamison; Rotstein, David S.; Rowles, Teresa K.; Slay, Christopher K.; Walsh, Michael (John Wiley & Sons, 2012-08-28)
    A chronically entangled North Atlantic right whale, with consequent emaciation was sedated, disentangled to the extent possible, administered antibiotics, and satellite tag tracked for six subsequent days. It was found ...

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