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    • Connectivity and resilience of coral reef metapopulations in marine protected areas : matching empirical efforts to predictive needs 

      Botsford, L. W.; White, J. Wilson; Coffroth, M.- A.; Paris, Claire B.; Planes, Serge; Shearer, T. L.; Thorrold, Simon R.; Jones, Geoffrey P. (Springer, 2009-02-11)
      Design and decision-making for marine protected areas (MPAs) on coral reefs require prediction of MPA effects with population models. Modeling of MPAs has shown how the persistence of metapopulations in systems of MPAs ...
    • Detecting reactivity 

      Neubert, Michael G.; Caswell, Hal; Solow, Andrew R. (Ecological Society of America, 2009-10)
      By definition, ecological systems at a stable equilibrium eventually return to the equilibrium point following a small perturbation. In the short term, however, perturbations can grow. Equilibria that exhibit transient ...