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    • Biodiversity and biogeography of hydrothermal vent species : thirty years of discovery and investigations 

      Ramirez-Llodra, Eva; Shank, Timothy M.; German, Christopher R. (Oceanography Society, 2007-03)
      The discovery of hydrothermal vents and the unique, often endemic fauna that inhabit them represents one of the most extraordinary scientific discoveries of the latter twentieth century. Not surprisingly, after just 30 ...
    • The discovery of new deep-sea hydrothermal vent communities in the Southern Ocean and implications for biogeography 

      Rogers, Alex D.; Tyler, Paul A.; Connelly, Douglas P.; Copley, Jonathan T.; James, Rachael H.; Larter, Robert D.; Linse, Katrin; Mills, Rachel A.; Naveira Garabato, Alberto C.; Pancost, Richard D.; Pearce, David A.; Polunin, Nicholas V. C.; German, Christopher R.; Shank, Timothy M.; Boersch-Supan, Philipp H.; Alker, Belinda J.; Aquilina, Alfred; Bennett, Sarah A.; Clarke, Andrew; Dinley, Robert J. J.; Graham, Alastair G. C.; Green, Darryl R. H.; Hawkes, Jeffrey A.; Hepburn, Laura; Hilario, Ana; Huvenne, Veerle A. I.; Marsh, Leigh; Ramirez-Llodra, Eva; Reid, William D. K.; Roterman, Christopher N.; Sweeting, Christopher J.; Thatje, Sven; Zwirglmaier, Katrin (Public Library of Science, 2012-01-03)
      Since the first discovery of deep-sea hydrothermal vents along the Galápagos Rift in 1977, numerous vent sites and endemic faunal assemblages have been found along mid-ocean ridges and back-arc basins at low to mid latitudes. ...