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    • Pacific Ocean–wide profile of CYP1A1 expression, stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios, and organic contaminant burden in sperm whale skin biopsies 

      Godard-Codding, Celine A. J.; Clark, Rebecca; Fossi, Maria Cristina; Marsili, Letizia; Maltese, Silvia; West, Adam G.; Valenzuela, Luciano; Rowntree, Victoria; Polyak, Ildiko; Cannon, John C.; Pinkerton, Kim; Rubio-Cisneros, Nadia; Mesnick, Sarah L.; Cox, Stephen B.; Kerr, Iain; Payne, Roger; Stegeman, John J. (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2010-12-06)
      Background: Ocean pollution affects marine organisms and ecosystems as well as humans. The International Oceanographic Commission recommends ocean health monitoring programs to investigate the presence of marine contaminants ...